Lake Jablaničko after the low level of water

Jablaničko lake (Bosnian: Jablaničko jezero) is a large artificially formed lake on the Neretva river, right below Konjic where the Neretva briefly expands into a wide valley. River provided lot of fertile, agricultural land there, before lake flooded most of it. The lake was created in 1953 after construction of[1] Jablanica Dam near Jablanica in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lake has an irregular elongated shape. Its width varies along its length.This year the accumulation of water in lake because of weather conditions was to low,and it discovered some interesting things like rail roads and bridges and some parts of village Lisiči.

Low level of water discovered the graves and many other thing from inhabitants of the village where using during there lives

It was so picefull so humble to be on this place where was only water for so long time and it made me thinking what is the next step in life and what next is upon us as humans.